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This week...has been long so I'm glad that it's done, really.

Drama, drama, drama around here has left me majorly tired.

Today is set for cleaning. I keep saying I'll clean and then I never get to it so I'm putting my foot down and doing it today. I feel a little better about it all in general already because I already washed almost all the dishes I have. I've got my popcorn bowl and a plate to finish and then I'll be done.

I want to at least get all my clothes together for washing, if not actually wash them. The washing though is more dependent on getting a washer because this chick is using both of them and has like a million loads to do which is crap but whatever.

I also need to make sure all garbage is in the trash, no lingering little pieces of paper or anything, and take the cardboard downstairs. I have a couple empty soda boxes, some amazon cardboard, etc. Nothing gross like pizza, which is why it's sat in my room instead of going downstairs. I am lazy sometimes, what can I say.

I also have some stuff I need to put away up on the shelves in my closet so they stop cluttering up my room. Like the box for my desktop.

But it should all be cleaned today. Hopefully. *crosses fingers* With not having anything else to do today and no one to talk to, it should theoretically get done.
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Ten minutes...that's all I wanted. I've spent two weeks trying to get my friend to give me ten minutes...and six hours before the assignment she said she'd help me on and said it'd be no problem to stop and do a small ten minute research thing for my class undone. Two weeks and she hasn't had ten minutes to stop.

For the last two weeks, after almost every afternoon shift for her work she's said she'd text me when she got off work and we'd do it. Nothing. She said after she had her conversation with Jess that we'd do it, they end up cleaning her room instead and she can't even stop doing that for ten minutes to do this with me. Sunday she said after she finished typing up a contract...two hours after I talk to her I knocked on her door to tell her something, she was sleeping. She said give her a little bit and she'd come down, nothing. Last night she said after her class and Ben's meeting she'd stop by around 10pm...I waited up until midnight expecting at least a text or call to let me know what's up and after I texted her asking when they expected to be back I get 'Oh, we crashed in Ben's room after the meeting. Sorry. Forgive me please?'

Two weeks of her flaking out not just on me but on an assignment that I get a zero for because she couldn't follow through on any of the billions of times we set up to do this. Which also lead to me sitting in my room waiting for her when I could have been doing something else or hell, like last night, sleeping. I was ready to crash because of a headache at 10pm last night, but I stayed up waiting for her because they swore they'd be here...
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So, drove back to Chicago area with Beth because she was coming up for the weekend. Up at 8:30 Friday morning, actually left EIU about 10am, got home about 3pm. Not bad, all things consider, including the hour lunch we took in Gilman.

Friday I got a nice surprise when I got home too! We has Starz!!! Which means come April, I has Camelot!!! FUCK YES! I told Dad I'd be calling and giving him strict orders to remind him to record it closer to April 1st. *does happy dance*

Also found out Mom and Dad have been watching The Tudors. I went 'huh?' because we don't get Showtime. Turns out, BBCA is airing it now that it's over. I turned to mom and went, 'So you get the edited version?' and she said she wasn't sure. I asked if they got the scene of Henry having sex with the blond, she said no, and Dad pipes in with, "I missed what?"

So, amused very much at that.

Friday night we watched The Ugly Truth and The Proposal because they'd never seen it and that's just a fucking shame. They're hilarious movies.

Today has been a very long running around kind of day. Went to one bank to pull out money so I could put in in second bank so closer to March I can pay my credit card, and order Beth's Birthday gift, finally. Mom and I ended up stopping at my Aunt's house because she lives near the first bank, and we ended up spending an hour talking about the pattern she might want and colors in said pattern she might want for the back splash for her kitchen. And what's worse? It's what we'll be discussing at Easter too. My head hurts more just thinking about it.

Then there was lunch and baking. Mom and Dad are going to a friend's place for a V-Day party tomorrow after I leave for EIU. The theme for food is all things red. So we made corn muffins and I dyed the batter red. And then I made a batch of green and purple swirled ones for myself. They look awesome and taste delicious. ^_^

Then Mom and I headed out one last time for some stuff at the store, like the eggs we need for breakfast tomorrow. After dinner we watched Legion, now that I've fucking found it, and I have to say I liked it. And I'm not just biased because Willa Holland is in it.

Computer is running slow but dad assures me that it's because the connection here is fairly shit and has convinced me to take it back to EIU with me to give it a chance to prove it's better. So it shall be packed shortly after I make this post.

Tomorrow I'm up at 8:30 again so I can do a couple things around the house, put a game on Mom's laptop for her, and then eat the awesome breakfast mom is cooking for me before Beth gets here at 10am. And then it's back to EIU and I probably won't leave campus again until Spring Break in March.
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So, winter storm seems to be over now.

Monday was bad, cold and while Beth and I sat at the Union it kept getting darker and darker outside. Which fit our mood pretty well in general because of some class issues that the two of us are having.

Update for the week of the great Illinois Storm )

Not much to do today. Tomorrow I'm looking to clean my room some, make sure everything is set, and then tomorrow night everyone is going out to dinner and then a strip club for Beth's birthday. Should be very fun.
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Why must I not have the fun cable stations that I really want to watch?

The Tudors reign on Showtime has ended, everyone knows this. The final season aired a while ago, long enough that the season resides in my book on disks. All four seasons nicely settled among the rest of my DVDs.

Kristi's been bouncing because come April 3rd Showtime will be replacing The Tudors with The Borgias. I've never heard of the family, but then I'm not that big of a history buff. From what I've seen though, it does look very interesting.

Me though, I'm more excited for Starz new show Camelot which will be coming out in April as well. Eva Green as Arthur's half-sister Morgan, vying for her rightful position under the crown as Uther's daughter. I wants!

So far, from what I've heard it will only be a 10 episode mini-series, but then Battlestar Galactica was only supposed to be a mini-series and we all had to watch as that lasted what like 5 long seasons?
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First morning in three days that I didn't spend three hours throwing up after I woke up. I'm going to call this an improvement. My throat is still scratchy, I'm still coughing but only mucus up, and my inner ear is off key because the world is spinning without any meds in my system, but I can keep food down. Hopefully that means this is leaving.

Packers/Bears game today - 15 minutes from now. I'm a lone Packers fan among a state of Bears fans. Every where I turn I see people wearing the Bears jerseys. Dad asked Mom if he could hang his Packers blanket out on the flag pole and she said no. She didn't want our house burnt down, especially if the Packers WIN.

Most days, you say football and Lizzy in the same sentence and you get a weird look. But I actually do watch some of the Packers games and the OSU (Ohio State University) games. And especially the Packers when they're playing the Bears.
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My throat has been scratchy at night before I go to bed for the last couple nights. I thought...had hoped that it was just because the room was dry and I should use my humidifier more. Yesterday when I woke up my throat was still scratchy, but it went away after I was up for a while.

Today, it didn't go away. At all. It hurts to talk and it hurts to swallow.

To top it off I also have a migraine that won't go away either.
I'm trying to decide if I want to stick it out and try to go to S.O.M.A. tonight (the meeting doesn't start until 9pm) or just take my migraine pills after I eat. My pills knock me on my ass thirty minutes after they kick in...and during that thirty minutes my skin feels about three inches above my skin. Awesome feeling.

oh Ruin...

Jan. 13th, 2011 06:07 pm
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And again, the mention of Ruin makes me smirk.

Inside the arbor, with the roses trembling and petals falling, Minnie felt the watcher brush past her, and by the contact she knew that it called itself Ruin. This seemed to be a peculiar name, yet she was certain that it was the right one. Ruin.

I can't help but think of Tarot. And he's woven through the book fairly curiously so far.
thewrittenfae: (AG)'s been officially decided that I have too many RP journals for my own good. I have 54 character journals in live journal alone. This has no basis on any that are on insane journal and the one or two I might have had on scribbld once upon a time.

You know it's a sickness because I found a couple Original Character journals where they have a name, a PB, and an age but no other information and damned if I can remember what their back story was supposed to be. I delete them...or poke my head and see if maybe, just maybe, I can unravel who they were supposed to be?
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First and foremost. The Mouse? Was not my fault! We have more than one! And they're kind of all over the house. Not. My. Fault! Dexter caught a second one and left it as a pressie for me where I normally sit to eat dinner since I was at work when it was caught. And I spotted another, live one in the basement. So he's got more hunting to do. Set looked at me after I gave Dexter a treat and I told him if he wants a treat, he needs to catch a mouse like Dexter.

Secondly. My desktop is officially dead...hang it in a tree and shoot it with a shot gun because that's all it's currently good for. Joe is going to try and use the recovery disks and hopefully get it running long enough to move files over to the external hard drive for me. I'm so crossing my fingers and praying that this works. I just want my files...

Last but certainly the most important.
Mom's boss isn't going to make it. The swelling in his brain hasn't gone down and it is in a section they can't get to. So while they know where the problem is, they have no way to help or fix it. And the tests they ran to see how well his brain is working didn't come back good. Mom said that it looks like his systems are already starting to shut down as well. passed away this morning. Joanne has been in a funk and biting peoples' heads off because of this lately and Mom is all sad and upset. And it's made worse because the Dean of Medicine still hasn't released a public statement to the college as a whole as to what has happened and who is taking over the duties as Head of the Cancer Center, so no one in the department can really talk about it with anyone until that statement is released. Though everyone is asking questions, wanting to know.
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I've seen a couple people on my friends list do this and I thought it'd be fun to try. Pick a prompt, add a fandom or pairing and see what I write.

1.) Into darkest of dreams
2.) Forget the lies, and numb the pain
3.) It came without a warning
4.) It says I'm sorry but I know you're not
5.) I made a deal with Mr. Hades
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I have thirteen books that will need to be picked up when I get back to school. Four for my memory research class. Three for my philosophy class. Three for my anthropology class. And one each for my bio, forum, and senior seminar classes. This is going to be fun to carry back to my dorm room after I get them...unless I can possibly con Ben or Beth to drive me...hrmm
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So, I'm reading my book at lunch and I get to the end of the first chapter and a part in it made me smile. Not the best reaction to it because of the content but, it did all the same.

So this detective is talking to a kid named Billy that killed his whole family and he really wants to know why the kid did it.

The detective: "You haven't said why."

Billy: "The why is easy."

The detective: "Then why?"

Billy: "Ruin."
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So, I work for all of this week. Which means up at 6:30am and into the office at 8am and then home around 5pm pending mother's work schedule. Long days followed by me going back to school on Saturday.

My schedule seems semi crazy but when looking at it all, there's a lot of free time for studying so that should be good.

One of my biggest new years resolutions is to use my Wii Fit every day for fifteen minutes. No matter how crappy or tired I'm feeling. I want to be healthier damnit!

Also, I think I'm going to steal a page from Kristi's new year book. I want to read at least ten pages of a book every day. In the grand scheme of things, ten pages isn't a lot and I can find time, even if I have to pry myself away from the computer or tv to do it!!!!

And I want to try and toss in a kid to Milliways at least once a week. Or tag into a thread in Milliways once a week. Playing with Jen yesterday really reminded me how much I miss everyone over there.
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Happy New Year everyone!

New Year resolutions to follow after the day with my family because I'm sure any minute my mom will be in to wake me to finish the cleaning and help her cook.
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So... Sitting and watching Criminal Minds and Dexter comes in and drops a mouse in front of me... My cat caught a mouse. In my room...

On tbd one hand, I'm glad he brought it to me. On the other...I had a mouse in my room!
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So, yesterday Mom got a phone call from her co-worker that her boss is in the ICU...he collapsed in a store with a brain anerism. They have stopped the most serious of the bleeding, but there is still the concussion and a few other spots that are bleeding so the next 24 hours are critical right now.

I hope he is alright. Right now it's a waiting game.
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Role Playing...I needs to do it.

I miss playing with everyone. And have fallen out of what's been going on in 'Ways.


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