Feb. 12th, 2011

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So, drove back to Chicago area with Beth because she was coming up for the weekend. Up at 8:30 Friday morning, actually left EIU about 10am, got home about 3pm. Not bad, all things consider, including the hour lunch we took in Gilman.

Friday I got a nice surprise when I got home too! We has Starz!!! Which means come April, I has Camelot!!! FUCK YES! I told Dad I'd be calling and giving him strict orders to remind him to record it closer to April 1st. *does happy dance*

Also found out Mom and Dad have been watching The Tudors. I went 'huh?' because we don't get Showtime. Turns out, BBCA is airing it now that it's over. I turned to mom and went, 'So you get the edited version?' and she said she wasn't sure. I asked if they got the scene of Henry having sex with the blond, she said no, and Dad pipes in with, "I missed what?"

So, amused very much at that.

Friday night we watched The Ugly Truth and The Proposal because they'd never seen it and that's just a fucking shame. They're hilarious movies.

Today has been a very long running around kind of day. Went to one bank to pull out money so I could put in in second bank so closer to March I can pay my credit card, and order Beth's Birthday gift, finally. Mom and I ended up stopping at my Aunt's house because she lives near the first bank, and we ended up spending an hour talking about the pattern she might want and colors in said pattern she might want for the back splash for her kitchen. And what's worse? It's what we'll be discussing at Easter too. My head hurts more just thinking about it.

Then there was lunch and baking. Mom and Dad are going to a friend's place for a V-Day party tomorrow after I leave for EIU. The theme for food is all things red. So we made corn muffins and I dyed the batter red. And then I made a batch of green and purple swirled ones for myself. They look awesome and taste delicious. ^_^

Then Mom and I headed out one last time for some stuff at the store, like the eggs we need for breakfast tomorrow. After dinner we watched Legion, now that I've fucking found it, and I have to say I liked it. And I'm not just biased because Willa Holland is in it.

Computer is running slow but dad assures me that it's because the connection here is fairly shit and has convinced me to take it back to EIU with me to give it a chance to prove it's better. So it shall be packed shortly after I make this post.

Tomorrow I'm up at 8:30 again so I can do a couple things around the house, put a game on Mom's laptop for her, and then eat the awesome breakfast mom is cooking for me before Beth gets here at 10am. And then it's back to EIU and I probably won't leave campus again until Spring Break in March.


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