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So, there has been a serious lack of using my journal. Serious lack. And that's just not good. Why have it if I never update it? So starting with the brand New Year, I will be trying to update my journal at least once a week with what's going on with me.

Currently, I've been photographing jewelry for my dad's etsy shop and looking for a job. Or well, I was looking for a job. Knock and wood and hope I don't jinx anything (though after HR told me were just waiting on the required background check - for which no record will come back because me and the police? We've never officially met. Once the check comes back, I'll have a start date.) I should be hopefully starting either next week or the week after.

Mostly, I don't have too much other news. I've been plugging away at writing still, though I don't really RP outside of email much anymore. I try to occasionally, but a lot of my time is taken up by other things. Which, very sad.
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This is just because I kind of want to keep track of all the books I read over summer, to see what all I can get through.

The List )
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LJ is starting to be more and more like facebook...

If it's not broken, don't fuck with it!
I hate the new comments section layout-ness. It is unhelpful that there are no subject lines. and it's unhelpful when you go to an RP thread to respond, it's got enough to collapse the comments, and except for the "expand" link, there's no way to bring it up. That's what the subject lines were for (partially)! So that I could click on the subject and only load that much of the threading.

I Do. Not. Like. Sam-I-Am!
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Hello one, Hello All!

It's that time of year again! You know the time! It comes after unbuttoning your pants because you've had too much turkey and before most of the Christmas decorations go up in houses. Because I need time to collect and plan and write.

Yes! You thought right! It's time for addresses for those that want Christmas cards from me!
Even if you think I have your address, make sure you include it. I don't always have my address book with me at school and I'm looking to get these out before I go home after finals which means yes, it's at home and I'm here. and if I send it out after finals, you won't get it until New Years.

And to add a fun twist, I also want your top three favorite colors, ranked in order.

And as usual, all comments are screened.
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My intake of food today consisted of eight chicken nuggets and a little bit of water.

And I'm suddenly just...don't care if I eat anything more tonight even though I'm slightly hungry.

It's been a crappy day and I guess tonight will just continue that way. But it doesn't really matter.

And I probably won't eat all day tomorrow either...oh well.
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I need 12 of my characters...randomly picked, cross AUs, cross fandoms, all is game. Give me 12 and you'll like the results!
List of Original and Fandom characters I have, though not all of them since journals have been added since I made these lists. Ones not yet added to the list, ones that you know of but don't have journals, and ones from IJ that aren't on LJ, all are welcome when picking the random 12. Just figured the lists would help some if you didn't remember some of my kids.


Aug. 26th, 2011 10:09 pm
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Not taking away from the other post for prompts, but I kind of thought this one was cool, so here we go: And yes, I'm working on the ones from before, ask my notebook.

Pick an emotion/thing and I'll write a fic or a drabble based on that. You can pick your top three your favorite and I'll write at least one, possibly with your muse if I know them in general.

List of Emotions )
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Bold the ones you've read.
Italicize the ones you fully intend to read.
Underline if it's a series you've read part but not all of.

Book List! )

Final analysis:
Read: 11
Partially read: 7
To-Read: 4
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So, I was really hurt and upset yesterday because of an action that a no longer friend of mine took. To the point that I kind of collapsed in tears in my friend's arms here on campus.

And not that it doesn't still hurt because it's less than twenty-four hours later and it does, good friend was kind enough to remind me that it's happened before. Exact same situation, exact same response. No business involving herself, no business getting between, but she does anyway to purposefully hurt others and draw attention to herself, to purposefully just cause more problems. In the five or so years since the first incident, nothing has changed. She's still the exact same person despite claiming to have grown and matured. Pot. Kettle.

Fuck it. I don't need her. I'm done. )
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So, today was the final day of my weekend, senior seminar class. It was long, but not long like last time. We went through two panels, mine included, in the a.m. Waiting to go, talking in front of people, made me sick to my stomach...I was tasting stomach acid all day. Did decent over all. The nervous shaking of my hands during my speaking, didn't help...

After my panel, we broke for lunch. Om nom nom Subway.
Then back for our final panel of the day, as well as the media in the news articles that people brought in. He went on for a while before finally giving us some papers back, giving us our final which is a paper due by Tuesday. After that, he gave us our scores for panel and then we left. Never to see him again. FOREVER!

Spent the rest of my suddenly free afternoon talking with friends and curled up in a chair with friends. Helped Beth put stuff in her storage unit. Went to BWW and have learned to never, ever eat the ribs again. Also, to never go on a fight night. People are louder, more rowdy, and more rude with the pushing and shoving on a fight night. Never again.

And then we came back and we watched Burlesque. Longer than I thought it would be. But a really good movie. And now, I'm too entertained with talking to go to bed. But I can sleep in. ^_^
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I don't get what the point in asking me to do something is if all that's going to happen is that I'll be ignored whether I do it or not. I'm told that something should and needs to happen, I go out of my busy schedule, because it's the last of my weekend class and the last weekend before finals, to actually get it done in a timely matter and I might as well have not done it at all at this point.

I'm honestly not sure why I was even asked to do it now, since apparently it's a dead thing and a moot point what I do.'s right up there with being ignored. Guess I should just take it as I'm not wanted or needed since if I were, I wouldn't be being ignored.
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Today started early and apparently is ending early. Forgot I had a test, woke up earlier than normal to study for said test, and then took said test. I feel Meh about it, but mostly because it's a little more biology than psychology.

Got back, got a fair amount packed. I'm looking around and I don't think there's actually as much around and needed to be packed then it seems, it's just all over the place verses in neater piles. Though I might try and get a little more done today.

Mostly I'm just that restless bored. I want to do something, but I have nothing to do. It doesn't help that I don't have any friends here that can do anything right now. One is always busy and the other is currently in bed with a severe migraine that will hopefully break if she sleeps the late afternoon/early night away. She's planning on getting late night and I'll be joining her then but that's not until at least 9pm.

With finally finishing a good amount of my school work, it's left me wanting to thread finally, but that's not going to happen. Tried yesterday, and failed. And today, there's no point in even trying. I don't know if there's a point to trying at all in the future really...but it is what it is.
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Dad's dessert has to be frozen for fifteen minutes, and then baked in the oven for fifteen minutes. Which I find very odd.
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Torte is cooling on the table, left over Chinese is for lunch, and later mom and I need to cook dad's dessert for tomorrow.

And eight more hours of BBCA until new season of Doctor Who.
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It feels good to be in the kitchen again, baking. I've missed it.

Chocolate-Almond Torte is in the oven cooking.
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There once was a girl that had to go a whole day without internet, computer, her phone, the tv, etc., etc., etc. And she knew that this would be a tedious and boring day unless she got some help. So she turned to a friend and asked for some prompts that she could write throughout the day to keep her busy and keep her going.

It was that day that she wrote eight out of the nine given with an extra one that she'd been writing before the prompts were ever given. And here will stay the log of what was written. Down as comments to this entry. and to be continued being added after I sleep.
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So! I am headed for Spring Break in Brandon, MO on Friday! This is a big YAY! With one little sad face attached to it. The last time I was there, last year, they didn't have wifi in the suites yet. I am hoping they have fixed this but am not holding my breath either.

So, I'm here to ask for prompts, pairings, etc. From my awesome friends list. If you aren't sure I know it ask, but really looking for stuff to write!
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1.) My phone battery, after about eight months and eight months only, is no longer holding a charge... I go to bed at 2am and it's got a full charge and I wake up at 11am and it's about to die. And that's with it sitting and doing absolutely nothing. So it's a call to the Verizon store to see how late their open and hopefully a quick drive over because less than a year they should just replace the battery for my phone.

2.) I...have this very strong urge to write letters to people. And not like, hey this is how my life is going, letters. I'm talking the completely crack, make no sense letters that I used to send via campus mail to Erin back when she worked at my mom's office over the summer. Ones that involved me using words like Ma, Pa, and Bobby Joe, and had comments about living on the farm while the person I was writing to had moved to the 'big city'. They were hilarious in their no sense kind of way and I was like, "I miss that" this morning.
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So...apparently I just need to walk off a cliff and never return. I can't do anything right by my friends anymore...even when I apologize, I am pissing them off.

They'll just be better without me bothering them or pissing them off...


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