Jan. 5th, 2011

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First and foremost. The Mouse? Was not my fault! We have more than one! And they're kind of all over the house. Not. My. Fault! Dexter caught a second one and left it as a pressie for me where I normally sit to eat dinner since I was at work when it was caught. And I spotted another, live one in the basement. So he's got more hunting to do. Set looked at me after I gave Dexter a treat and I told him if he wants a treat, he needs to catch a mouse like Dexter.

Secondly. My desktop is officially dead...hang it in a tree and shoot it with a shot gun because that's all it's currently good for. Joe is going to try and use the recovery disks and hopefully get it running long enough to move files over to the external hard drive for me. I'm so crossing my fingers and praying that this works. I just want my files...

Last but certainly the most important.
Mom's boss isn't going to make it. The swelling in his brain hasn't gone down and it is in a section they can't get to. So while they know where the problem is, they have no way to help or fix it. And the tests they ran to see how well his brain is working didn't come back good. Mom said that it looks like his systems are already starting to shut down as well. passed away this morning. Joanne has been in a funk and biting peoples' heads off because of this lately and Mom is all sad and upset. And it's made worse because the Dean of Medicine still hasn't released a public statement to the college as a whole as to what has happened and who is taking over the duties as Head of the Cancer Center, so no one in the department can really talk about it with anyone until that statement is released. Though everyone is asking questions, wanting to know.


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