Feb. 22nd, 2011

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Ten minutes...that's all I wanted. I've spent two weeks trying to get my friend to give me ten minutes...and six hours before the assignment she said she'd help me on and said it'd be no problem to stop and do a small ten minute research thing for my class on...is undone. Two weeks and she hasn't had ten minutes to stop.

For the last two weeks, after almost every afternoon shift for her work she's said she'd text me when she got off work and we'd do it. Nothing. She said after she had her conversation with Jess that we'd do it, they end up cleaning her room instead and she can't even stop doing that for ten minutes to do this with me. Sunday she said after she finished typing up a contract...two hours after I talk to her I knocked on her door to tell her something, she was sleeping. She said give her a little bit and she'd come down, nothing. Last night she said after her class and Ben's meeting she'd stop by around 10pm...I waited up until midnight expecting at least a text or call to let me know what's up and after I texted her asking when they expected to be back I get 'Oh, we crashed in Ben's room after the meeting. Sorry. Forgive me please?'

Two weeks of her flaking out not just on me but on an assignment that I get a zero for because she couldn't follow through on any of the billions of times we set up to do this. Which also lead to me sitting in my room waiting for her when I could have been doing something else or hell, like last night, sleeping. I was ready to crash because of a headache at 10pm last night, but I stayed up waiting for her because they swore they'd be here...


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