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Oct. 23rd, 2009 07:40 am
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So. I got to college and found out that a lot of the petty billshit from high school doesn't really go away. Usually it just takes on better spelling or words. We are in college after all.

The main thing this semester has been this 4'9, cross between a bulldog and a man looking chick naked Katie. We (my friend Amanda and I) can't exactly prove it's her, but considering shit only happens after we see her hanging out with the girls in the room between us, we're pretty sure. Our dry erase boards keep getting erased. Picturs, notes from or to others, keep getting a finger swipe through them. Which, not normally a big thing but when it's been going on for two months, just gets on my nerves.

So I ended up writing "which ever bitches keep erasing my door, stop you cock sucking whores." Childish, I know but I was angry. This morning I wake up to find everything from my hand writing erased except "cock sucking whores" with a "you is a" in front of it. To read "You is a cock sucking whores". I don't know whether to be angry at the attempted insult...or feel pity because apparently they never learned how to form correct sentences. The college students of America...
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My toe is swollen...which makes it painful to walk. Which is probably why I've been in such an irritable mood lately.

So, Morton didn't really look like a lot of people were missing. Until you got to the classes. I had like four people in my computer class. And, nice girl that the teacher is, she's held off the lecture until Wed. because we had such a low attendance.

Fucking A, why do I have to wait just because some dumb ass didn't want to show up for school? It's one of the rare times that I'll say this but, I WANT TO LEARN! And I can't because the goddamn fucking illegal immigrants and their families have to have some dumb ass rally in Chicago.

You want a fucking solution to your problem of being an illegal immigrant?! BECOME A FUCKING CITIZEN! GET A FUCKING GREEN CARD!
Stop bitching about the government and how you are supposed to have freedoms. Because you know what? Those freedoms are for those who come here legally. If you jumped a fucking fence, or swam, or however else people get here w/o the government noticing, YOU DON'T GET THOSE RIGHTS! SO STOP BITCHING ABOUT SOMETHING YOU HAVE NO RIGHT TO IN THE FIRST PLACE!

And, secondly. What the fuck is up with these dumb asses that want to put our National Anthem into Spanish? Umm...NO! We speak English in America. Not Spanish. You want to learn the National Anthem, learn it in the language it was written! Transcribing it into another language isn't flattery because you want to learn it. It's disrespectful because it wasn't the language it was written in, nor is it the language of this country. The poor man who wrote it is probably rolling over in his grave at the mere suggestion of this.

Okay...I think I'm done...if I'm not, well I won't subject you people to anymore ranting.


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