thewrittenfae: (alone) not starting out to be a good day. My head is killing me from lack of sleep, my stomach is turning for some reason I don't know, and my leg fucking hurts. Actually, more accurately, my knee.

The cramp in my calf has all but gone away, however at some point the other night I ended up twisting my knee so now that hurts...I swear to god if it's not one fucking thing it's another.

Top all that with the fact that it was 82 degrees at 8am and today's weather is panning out to kill me if I have runs. I really hope I don't have any runs though...

So we got a new shredder in the front office because the last one died. Like made a really awful sound and just kicked it. So we have a new one that has a little light meter on the side that goes up progressively. Green means you can totally add more sheets to what you're shredding, yellow means that you're at about optimum capacity of sheets, and red means that it's too fucking much and you should take some out.

And just now there was a professor fighting with the shredder because it didn't really want to take her pile and it was acting a little funny, and she's sitting there trying to figure out why it's just stopped taking the paper and is just sitting there half eaten.

I walk over and reverse the pull so the half eaten pages come out and tell her that she's putting too much in and all I get back is a snapped "Well it's what I've been doing this entire time." I had to bite back the, "And you've been having trouble the entire time." I swear to god, one of the professors is going to break the machine we JUST bought because they aren't paying enough attention to care or think they know better...


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