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There once was a girl that had to go a whole day without internet, computer, her phone, the tv, etc., etc., etc. And she knew that this would be a tedious and boring day unless she got some help. So she turned to a friend and asked for some prompts that she could write throughout the day to keep her busy and keep her going.

It was that day that she wrote eight out of the nine given with an extra one that she'd been writing before the prompts were ever given. And here will stay the log of what was written. Down as comments to this entry. and to be continued being added after I sleep.

Amy/Caleb "Promises Made"

Date: 2011-04-13 06:22 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
Amy settled in bed next to Caleb as her fingers slid gently along his brow. She smiled softly at him when his eyes flickered open at her touch. "How are you feeling?"

"I'd feel better if you'd heal me completely," he answered a little darkly.

"I wanted to make sure you didn't wander and," she paused as she slid to straddle him, "I wanted you to at least feel some of the pain you caused Chloe. I don't care how you feel about her, you had no right to break her jaw."

Caleb winced a little and settled his hands on her waist. She'd healed him enough that he wouldn't need a doctor or wrap for the broken ribs but had made sure the healing wasn't complete or pain free. That lesson and the ice in her eyes both told him that she was skill very unhappy with him for what he'd done. "I didn't mean to do that to her. I was angry." He looked to the side with a sigh, "I didn't exactly fight when Minette broke my ribs in return."

Her fingers caught his chin and rose his gaze back up to hers. "No you didn't, but this can't happen again, Caleb. Swear to me that you won't touch them to hurt them ever again."

He weighed her words for a long time as he stared back at her, going over and over them in his head before he finally nodded slowly. "I swear, Amy, I won't touch Chloe or Minette with intention to harm them, conscious or unconsciously again." His eyes widened a little at both the soft bell like toll that echoed through the house and the resonance he felt within himself to it. "What was that?"

Amy shivered at the sound as her fingers slid down Caleb's side and healed the remaining damage. "It was all of Faerie recognizing your oath. Even in New York, in your world, you won't be able to break your word now."

He rolled them over and pinned her beneath him, though they both knew he couldn't hold her if she didn't want to be held. "You did this on purpose, didn't you."

Amy stretched lazily under him, her leg tightening around his hip so that he was brought down against her. "I didn't know it would work for a human as it does Faerie, but I can't say I wasn't hoping it would. I know your temper and wanted something to help you curb it. This oath will."

He groaned softly and kissed her deeply. "You should have warned me."

She chuckled, low and dark, into the kiss. "My dear, dark Caleb. You never would have promised had you known." She rolled them so they were both on their side, her leg not moving to let him go. "Rest, love. You need it."

Caleb gave a small sound of agreement, she knew him well. He yawned despite himself and nuzzled her temple. "Sleep, and then a piece of my dark Faerie Princess," he murmured as he started to drift off to sleep already.

Logan and Lucrezia go clothes shopping

Date: 2011-04-13 06:36 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
Logan laughed softly when Lucrezia picked up a soft yellow top, only to wrinkle her nose at the god awful ruffles down the front.

"Why would anyone wear that? It looks unfinished." She murmured with slight disgust.

He could see she was having trouble finding a decent amount of anything that she liked, but he couldn't help but find her adorable in the process of showing her distaste for some of the fashion of the current age. "I really don't have a clue."

She sighed softly. "What happens if I find nothing I like?"

Logan wrapped an arm around her waist and hugged her back against his chest. "You've found a couple skirts already. We just need to find some shirts for you." He kissed her hair gently, "And we keep looking if nothing here is to your liking. There has to be at least one store that has something you like in this town."

She snuggled against him as she glanced at the skirts on the counter waiting to be rung up. She felt happy in them, they were light, airy, and made her feel like a princess; as well as a flowered dress. "Alright."

The sales girl chose that moment to pop up at Logan's elbow with a few tops in hand. "Are any of these to your liking?"

Logan took them with a soft, "Thank you," before he showed them off to Lucrezia. The way her eyes brightened at the sight of them told him immediately that she liked them. They were soft colors that would match the skirts easily and had beads or designs on them that came close to what was woven into the dress she wore now. "What do you think, Sweetheart?"

She nodded brightly as she looked them over. "They seem perfect."

Logan smiled and kissed her hair. "Then you shall have them." He handed them back to the sales girl and asked her to ring everything up. Lucrezia was led to the register a little more slowly, letting her look over everything in the store as she wished to.

She looked up at him with a bright smile. "Thank you, Logan." She leaned and kissed his cheek gently when they came to a stop.

He smiled and handed the girl his credit card, free hand around her waist. "You're very welcome. Lunch before we head back home?"

She nodded, a blush raising to her cheeks when her stomach growled softly. "Please."

Logan chuckled as he put his credit card away and took the bags for her before he led her out of the store. It would be a good afternoon for them and he was glad for it.

Chuck finds out that his life is a TV show.

Date: 2011-04-13 06:44 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
"Can you believe we still have two weeks to find out what happens with the whole Blair kissing Dan thing?"

Chuck looked up from the foreign films he had been looking over at two names he recognized, though the context made him frown. Surely they were talking about a different Blair and Dan.

"I can't believe she even considered kissing those dirty Brooklyn lips. You know she and Chuck belong together. They're so storybook soul mates at the core," a second girl answered to the first.

He put down one of the two DVDs in his hand and inched closer to the conversation. There was no doubt in his mind they were talking about himself and Blair now, but he knew for a fact she'd never kiss Dan. She could barely stand Humphrey, just like he could barely stand the guy.

"Well, while we wait for the new episodes, did you want to have a marathon? Three seasons of Gossip Girl in two weeks?" The girl talking held up a DVD case that Chuck scanned from the next aisle over. He could barely believe that he and his friends were on the cover.

He waited for the two girls to finish chatting and leave before he moved to that aisle and stared at the three seasons of Gossip Girl on the shelves. His life. Blair's life. It was all here on DVD if the cover and back synopsis was right. He didn't even know how that was possible, it really felt like either the world had been pulled out from under him or his brain was leaking out his ear, he wasn't sure which.

He picked the first season up along with the foreign film for tonight's date with Blair, feeling more than a little numb. He made an unexpected stop at the liquor store, picking up something strong for himself as well as Blair before he headed home. He wasn't sure when to show Blair, but he knew it would have to be soon and he wanted to be well stocked when he did.

Grace and Audrey without CJ around

Date: 2011-04-13 06:52 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
Grace watched Audrey stretch out on the bed with a happy smile. It had been ages since Audrey hadn't had to sleep at the foot of the bed. CJ could say Grace was spoiling her all he wanted, but she slept better wrapped around Audrey and she knew Audrey slept better that way too.

"What's the plan today? How am I pleasing you?" Audrey asked with a soft tone as she crawled to where Grace stood at the side of the bed.

Grace's fingers slid into Audrey's hair with a softer smile for how Audrey leaned into the touch. "Actually, I thought today I would please you." At her confused look, Grace chuckled softly. "I've made reservations for us at the spa. Full relaxation treatment. And then I made dinner reservations for us, followed by the opera you've had your eye on."

Audrey's eyes widened at just how good that all sounded, better than she felt like she could hope for. "You...planned this all for me?"

Grace dipped and kissed Audrey gently. "Of course. I love you. I want you happy. And I know that it's harder to do that with CJ around, but he's away on business so I'm going to spoil you rotten. It's an all about Audrey weekend, my love."

Audrey leaned up and kissed Grace again, deeper and radiating happiness. "Thank you."

Alex throws Selene a birthday party pt. 1

Date: 2011-04-13 07:12 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
It had been hard keeping the plans a secret and even harder still trying to sneak around with Josh and Kat while they all planned presents. What do you get for the woman who doesn't need anything because they were always on the road and there wasn't all that much space in the car? It was a fairly difficult question to answer.

Part one? Find a quiet, abandoned restaurant to settle in for the night of her birthday. Usually the best places to find easy food, gave them all a bit more breathing room for the night and morning, and it usually gave the youngers a room of their own to sleep in and the olders a room of their own to sleep in.

Part two? Dinner and a cake that she didn't have to cook herself.

Alex was eternally grateful for Kat and Josh demanding Selene's attention while he cooked their dinner. Josh had even helped supply a few suggestions for dinner, favorites from Selene's past before they ended up on the road. He wasn't a five-star cook, but he had heart and they had the ingredients for one of the dishes Josh suggested, so that's what Alex cooked. And he knew he'd done right by the smile she had on her face when he served dinner.

Her eyes widened a little in surprise when, after dinner, he came out with a cake well lit by the birthday candles he'd found in a drawer. This night was already turning out to be well worth every suspicious look she'd given him over the last week while he'd been planning it. Kat and Josh were even kind enough to help him in a round of 'Happy Birthday' as he placed the cake in front of her.

She looked between the three of them and the cake before she blew out the candles. "Josh told you?"

Alex leaned down and kissed her softly. "Of course he did. No one should forget their birthday. Not ever." He handed her the knife with a smile so she could cut the cake.

"Presents now?" Kat asked as she bounced in her seat excitedly.

Selene blinked up at Alex. "Dinner wasn't the present?"

Alex nodded to Kat, who took off with Josh to get their presents, before he smirked a little at Selene. "Of course not. We may not have a lot, but we did a few special things for you."

Before she could open her mouth to ask another question, Kat and Josh came back with a bag a piece and she smiled at them both.

Josh offered his first, smiling a little as she took it and opened in. Inside his bag was a new hunting knife to replace her dull, starting to rust because of all the blood one she wore all the time. She thanked Josh and hugged him, happy that they were at least getting along for the time being. Kat offered hers next with a bright smile. Inside her back was an 8x10 frame that had a collage of pictures of all of them. Selene glanced at Alex with a small smirk, the why of him hitting a photo place finally clicking in her head. Kat too got a big hug and a thank you for her gift. "I love them both." And she honestly did.

Alex smiled as they settled around the table to eat their cake and chat happily. Once the cake had been eaten and the youngers helped with the dishes, Alex sent them off to bed. He then turned around and got ready for bed himself.

Selene snuggled into him, resting her head on his chest. "Thank you for a wonderful birthday, Alex."

He hugged her to him and held out a small white box for her. "You're welcome, though you have one more present to open, love."

She sat up a little and looked between him and the box as she took it. "This...Alex..."

"Just open it," he murmured into a kiss to her temple.

She glance at him a final time before she opened the little box. A small sound came from her throat at the gold and diamond heart pendant inside. It was small, delicate, and very sweet. "Alex..."

"You said before you didn't want a ring. So I got you this instead," he answered her unasked question softly.

Alex throws Selene a birthday party pt. 2

Date: 2011-04-13 07:13 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]

She leaned and kissed him deeply. "I love it. I love you." She pulled the necklace out of the box and settled it around her throat. "Can you clasp it for me?"

He did as asked after the kiss, fingers running along the chain and her skin. "I love you too, Selene."

She rested her hand over the pendant and curled tightly into him. "This is the best birthday I've had."

Alex smiled softly as his hand pet along her back, feeling her already start to drift off to sleep. "I'm glad it is. Hopefully next year though, we'll be settled in a real home to celebrate it." He didn't get an answer, just a soft sleep filled sound that made him smile before he drifted off to sleep after her.

Chuck gets a job (LoMB-verse)

Date: 2011-04-14 12:32 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
Chuck sighed and slumped into the chair the hostess escorted him to. He'd been everywhere, it seemed at least, and not one company wanted him. He'd refused to go home and back to Blair without a job but he'd exhausted every resource he could currently find in management. He knew he was looking high, but it was in his nature too and it felt wrong to try for a lower position. He was an Upper East Side bred man, through and through, so he was having a little trouble.

He ordered when the waiter came by, sulking because he really, really didn't want to disappoint Blair by coming home empty handed. How could he promise her a future if he couldn't even find himself a job?

The first time his food arrived, it was sent back. He'd said no onions and it had come to the table with them. the second time his food arrived, he called the manager over and told both the waiter and manager if his food came back with the same mistake again he would personally go back there and show the chef cooking how to do his job. The manager apologized profusely, explaining that they were short handed because of the chefs had quit unexpectedly.

He wasn't sure what exactly caused him to, but Chuck asked after the job and after a long talk with the manager while he ate his food, which finally came back correct, Chuck left with a hands on interview scheduled for the next day. They wanted to test the skills he had boasted in the talk with the manager. It wasn't exactly what he had hoped for and wanted, but it was an honest job earned by himself to support himself and his family and he really couldn't wait to tell Blair.

Amy/Caleb "Shock to the Senses"

Date: 2011-04-14 01:19 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
Amy stretched lazily before curling a little more into Caleb for the moment. It was a wonderful afternoon and the two had been spending it on the balcony in a lounge chair together. "Where's your mom again?"

Caleb's hand slid down Amy's side to her hip and toyed with her belt. "She had a conference in California, some big medical thing."

She shivered under his hand with a soft sound. "And your siblings?"

"All out on school trips. If only Dad were off on some business conference himself, we'd have the whole place to ourselves." Caleb dipped to kiss her.

Amy kissed him back, nipping his playfully. "It's a shame, but I'm sure we'll manage some how. You had a proposal you were going to show your dad, didn't you?"

He groaned softly at the nip, "Yes. It's on his desk." He blinked when she slipped off the lounger and into the penthouse. "Amy?" He called as he rose to follow her.

She slipped into CJ's home office with a smirk over her shoulder for Caleb. "I want to see it."

Caleb caught her around the waist and swung her with a soft, "We shouldn't be in here without my father."

She laughed softly as his momentum swung her and they landed in a heap on the floor. Her foot accidentally knocked one of the unlocked cabinets open and she blinked at the coupe photo albums she saw. "He's not supposed to be home for another couple hours." She shifted and tugged one of the albums out. "Besides, don't you want to see your dad when he was our age?" She waved the album a little with a smile.

Caleb sighed and shifted so she was curled into his lap with the album in her lap. "A little..."

Amy opened the album with a grin and the two laughed and pointed at the pictures as they slowly flipped through them. It was cute, in a way, watching Caleb's father through the ages. A few of the last pages held CJ with a red head and Amy sobered at the sight. The two looked happy in the pictures, sweet and kissing or playful.

"God, Dad was such a player before Mom. And this red head chick is hot," Caleb laughed before he looked down at Amy. He blinked a little at how serious she suddenly looked. "Princess? What's wrong?"

"That's Mom..."

Caleb shook his head. "Your mom is blond and the face is all wrong."

Amy looked up at Caleb with a quick jerk of her head. "It's a glamour. You know how I can change my hair or the color of a top or something? We can do it for our whole bodies. Mom's real form is almost identical to your Aunt Grace."

Caleb blinked at that and looked down at the photos. "But then how do you know it's your mom?"

"She has photos from around New York in an album with this form." She gave a little sound, not at all pleased or really comfortable. "Our parents...were together..."

"It was years before I met and fell in love with Myka." CJ's voice came from the doorway, a little stern because that was his private album in his private office. "And I'd appreciate you not snooping through my things. Either of you."

Caleb snapped the album shut with a jerk and put it back, eyes a little wide for being caught. "Dad..."

Amy stood so Caleb could get up and watched CJ. "It's why she changed her face before she married Dad. Isn't it. So Myka wouldn't know."

CJ stalked closer, a dark look for Amy having the gaul to challenge the past when it wasn't hers to challenge. "It was your mother's choice to change and the ways of her doing it are hers and hers alone. And do not call my love for my wife into question. I love her dearly and there's nothing more important than her."

Calen's arm wrapped around Amy's waist and pulled her back against his chest. "Amy stop. The past is the past."

Amy let Caleb draw her away from CJ and out of the office. She knew there had been a big reason her mom had moved from her world to this one and how it almost completely cliched. Her mom had loved CJ, but hadn't fought when CJ fell for someone else. She'd just stayed his best friend. Her head spun a little as Caleb lead her back outside and to the lounge chair. It was weird to know that her mom and Caleb's dad had been together, that they could have ended up brother and sister instead of what they were. She gave a little sound, hiding her face against his chest while she tried to process it all.

Aelx and Selene tell Kat and Josh about baby

Date: 2011-04-14 04:49 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
Alex had wanted to wait until Kat was at least able to be up and about her cabin before they told her. Her chores, as well as Josh's duties, had been given to others in teh compound. Kat could barely move without at least wincing, but being in bed had started to drive her crazy. As for Josh, he hadn't wanted to stray far from Kat and Alex couldn't blame him, honestly he didn't want Josh too far from Kat himself.

Kat smiled from her perch in Josh's lap, happy to have her family all together though she was curious as to what had brought Alex and Selene to see them.

Alex took a breath, holding Selene's hand gently in his. "We wanted you two to be the first to know." He smiled at Selene softly.

"I'm pregnant," Selene murmured softly.

Kat could feel Josh stiffen a little under her before she squeezed his hand and shifted slowly from his lap to hug Selene. "Lene that's great!"

"Congratulations," Josh murmured tightly from where he continued to sit on the couch. Since they'd told Alex and Selene that they wanted to try for a family the chores had picked up so they rarely had the energy to try themselves, so it prickled at him that Selene had been able to before them.

Selene hugged Kat back carefully, not wanting to aggravate her still healing back. "Thank you."

Kat kissed Selene's temple with a soft, "Don't fret about Josh. I'll deal with him later," low enough Josh wouldn't hear her. She moved and hugged her brother too. "I'm happy for you both."

Alex smiled and kissed Kat's hair. "Thank you, Kitten." He smiled at all three of them. "We're really excited."

Kat moved back to curl up with Josh, kissing him softly before she looked back at Selene. "You aren't allowed to complain when I start helping you more with chores."

Selene laughed softly, "So long as your back is fully healed first, you'll get only small grumbles from me."

Josh kissed Kat's temple softly. "You're not pushing yourself to work before you're ready just because Lene is pregnant."

Kat nodded with a small sigh for being told by both of them. "Alright. No pushing myself to heal, but the moment all three of you give me the okay, I'm helping."

Alex smiled at how excited Kat was for them. He had been worried that she'd take it like Josh seemed to be taking it. "Dinner tomorrow to celebrate?"

Kat nodded brightly, "Josh and I will be there."

Selene stood with a soft smile. "We'll see you then." She and Alex moved to give Kat a hug. "You still need your rest."

Alex kissed Kat's temple gently before escorting Selene out and back to their room.

"It's just like them to get what we want," Josh murmured darkly once they were gone.

"Josh." Kat turned a little in his lap to face him, voice soft but chastising. "They've been trying for forever and you won't take their happiness away from them."

He looked down a bit, "But we..."

She tipped his chin up and kissed him deeply to cut him off. "We have time. And once my back heals enough to move without pain, every night until I'm fully healed to ride you into the bed. Let them have their happiness, Josh. And we'll have ours when it's time."

He gave a soft sound into the kiss as his hands cupped her face. "Alright, my sweet, sweet Kat."

From: [identity profile]
Harrison laughed softly at the look on Audrey's face as she lead Chloe onto the beach. Her look coupled with the brightness that sparked in Chloe's eyes was why both boys had done this.

"You both..." Audrey looked around. Bright colors gleamed from the sand here and there along the beach.

"We wanted it special," Craig murmured as he kissed Audrey gently before handing their daughter a very bright colored basket. "Ready to hunt, my tiny Sweetness?"

"Ready!" Chloe giggled brightly as she bolted for the nearest patch of color and deposited the egg into her basket after she removed it from the sand.

Harrison smiled at the sight as his arm wrapped around Audrey's waist. "Mommy has some bigger, adult filled eggs to find in the bedroom later too."

Audrey turned and kissed Harrison. "You two are amazing."

Harrison kissed her back happily. "Nothing is too good for the woman in our lives." He smiled and tugged her gently into the fun of helping Chloe find all thirty eggs littered along the beach, some a little more hidden than the others.
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