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So, there has been a serious lack of using my journal. Serious lack. And that's just not good. Why have it if I never update it? So starting with the brand New Year, I will be trying to update my journal at least once a week with what's going on with me.

Currently, I've been photographing jewelry for my dad's etsy shop and looking for a job. Or well, I was looking for a job. Knock and wood and hope I don't jinx anything (though after HR told me were just waiting on the required background check - for which no record will come back because me and the police? We've never officially met. Once the check comes back, I'll have a start date.) I should be hopefully starting either next week or the week after.

Mostly, I don't have too much other news. I've been plugging away at writing still, though I don't really RP outside of email much anymore. I try to occasionally, but a lot of my time is taken up by other things. Which, very sad.
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This week...has been long so I'm glad that it's done, really.

Drama, drama, drama around here has left me majorly tired.

Today is set for cleaning. I keep saying I'll clean and then I never get to it so I'm putting my foot down and doing it today. I feel a little better about it all in general already because I already washed almost all the dishes I have. I've got my popcorn bowl and a plate to finish and then I'll be done.

I want to at least get all my clothes together for washing, if not actually wash them. The washing though is more dependent on getting a washer because this chick is using both of them and has like a million loads to do which is crap but whatever.

I also need to make sure all garbage is in the trash, no lingering little pieces of paper or anything, and take the cardboard downstairs. I have a couple empty soda boxes, some amazon cardboard, etc. Nothing gross like pizza, which is why it's sat in my room instead of going downstairs. I am lazy sometimes, what can I say.

I also have some stuff I need to put away up on the shelves in my closet so they stop cluttering up my room. Like the box for my desktop.

But it should all be cleaned today. Hopefully. *crosses fingers* With not having anything else to do today and no one to talk to, it should theoretically get done.


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