May. 1st, 2011

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So, today was the final day of my weekend, senior seminar class. It was long, but not long like last time. We went through two panels, mine included, in the a.m. Waiting to go, talking in front of people, made me sick to my stomach...I was tasting stomach acid all day. Did decent over all. The nervous shaking of my hands during my speaking, didn't help...

After my panel, we broke for lunch. Om nom nom Subway.
Then back for our final panel of the day, as well as the media in the news articles that people brought in. He went on for a while before finally giving us some papers back, giving us our final which is a paper due by Tuesday. After that, he gave us our scores for panel and then we left. Never to see him again. FOREVER!

Spent the rest of my suddenly free afternoon talking with friends and curled up in a chair with friends. Helped Beth put stuff in her storage unit. Went to BWW and have learned to never, ever eat the ribs again. Also, to never go on a fight night. People are louder, more rowdy, and more rude with the pushing and shoving on a fight night. Never again.

And then we came back and we watched Burlesque. Longer than I thought it would be. But a really good movie. And now, I'm too entertained with talking to go to bed. But I can sleep in. ^_^
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So, I was really hurt and upset yesterday because of an action that a no longer friend of mine took. To the point that I kind of collapsed in tears in my friend's arms here on campus.

And not that it doesn't still hurt because it's less than twenty-four hours later and it does, good friend was kind enough to remind me that it's happened before. Exact same situation, exact same response. No business involving herself, no business getting between, but she does anyway to purposefully hurt others and draw attention to herself, to purposefully just cause more problems. In the five or so years since the first incident, nothing has changed. She's still the exact same person despite claiming to have grown and matured. Pot. Kettle.

Fuck it. I don't need her. I'm done. )


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